Marytown Chapel Ceiling Collapse

This is the local Franciscan Friary where we go to Mass.
Their chapel roof collapsed a few months ago, and they don't think it will be useable until summer.


Strange happening

Today I saw a man in a suit driving a forklift in the rain.

That is all.



There must be something about me that makes people think I'm very good at watching paint dry.
Because 2000 miles away, half-way across the country, here I am again, watching white paint dry.

At least this time I have a computer to do research on, so I'm doing *something* useful.


Board Room Classes (no, not "bored classes")

A few days ago when a structural engineer was on campus, he found a crack in one of the beams in the commons chapel, so for the past few days it's been closed, and probably will be for a few more weeks until they fix it.
Since they had to have Mass somewhere, they had it in room106 for the first day, so Mr. Shield's class moved from there to room 317, where my section has Theology with Mr. O'Rielly. Since he was using that room, we got to have class in the Board of Governor's council room in the library. That's the room ehind the railing above hte entrance in this picture, and the room that opens onto the balcony in this picture.
It was pretty cool having a class there, since the atmosphere is more refined and elegant thatn the usual classrooms, since the wall are lined with large bookcases of gold-gilded tomes, with nice statues, and the view, instead of some grass, looks out over all of campus and the mountains surrounding.

Anyways, the temprary chapel has been moved to the library, and Masses are now held in the main part thereof, so it looks like we won't be having class there anymore, but it was quite enjoyable the two times we were able too. (waving to people from the balcony before class was fun too :D )


The Property of Fixxedness

I finally fixed Chris Bissek's laptop after two weeks of working on it on and off. His windows installation was thoroughly corrupted and required reinstallation, but his CD-rom drive was broken, and connecting an external drive to his USB ports didn't work, and even performing a hard drive transplant to a donor laptop didn't solve the problem. Finally, I was able to open up his CD-ROM drive, fiddle with the cables and servos a bit, and coax it to work long enough for me to install windows.
It made him quite happy to have his soul back, as it had been lost due to his lack of music from his computer.

I also just heard from Josh Kens that Father Michael said Josh could quote him on the fact that "Going to TAC and loving it is a sign of predestination."



More fun with work study

So after having me make a list, "The Funky Boss" aka Steve, has told me that if I keep finiding things to add to it that I can just do stuff off that list for the rest of the semester, and possibly the year. So I pretty much get to make up my own jobs each day, which makes my job even better.
I do admit I have a tendency to choose either the fun or the extremely satisfying ones, like hosing down the ceilings (fun) or cleaning 5 years of dirt off of a fireplace (extremely satisfying).

Still have to paint that strip of wax down at the hacienda though, which will definitely involve watching more paint dry...


'Tis wondrous strange...

In philosophy this year, we've started out by studying the Nicomachean Ethics of Aristotle. It's one of my favorite classes so far, and we've had many intense debates and discussions about virtue, it's meaning and form, how it is found and define, and particular virtues like courage, high-mindedness, temperance, and the like. Currently we've moved on to the fifth book, which mainly deals with justice. We examined the nature of justice, and different types of justice, such as distributive and reciprocal justice, for different things like transactions and interactions between mne, and finally we had reached to point where we were examining the difference between natural justice and political (or legal) justice. It occurred to me during our class that at most colleges in America, one would not only not be able to easily take up that abortion goes against the natural law unchangeably, but also that it was strange that we used that example since it was the easiest for us to agree on, since theft and murder are more easily equivocated or superceded by other natural laws.


Fun when wet

Today I decided my workstudy job was to wash the ceiling in front of St. Augustine's, and blast all the cobwebs off with a pressure-nozzle hose, since Steve left me a note saying I should do something from the list I made myself. Just another reason being on "random maintainence" is totally awesome. Besides tyhe fact that Chris Bisseks and I spent 3 hours last weekend on the clock sitting in a swing watching paint dry. Seriously, we had to make sure it was the right color (none of the buckets turned out to have the right color), and Steve told us we did an excellent job.

Anyways, washings ceilings was quite enjoyable, because I got to make it pour water from the ceilings, and since I had my iPod with me, I was singing and dancing in it when Sasha came along and asked me if I was "Singing in the rain." She was quite amused, and even joined in by skipping for a bit.

I love my new job. :D


Photos Updated

Sorry, I posted a bunch of new pictures a few days ago and forgot to tell people here that I had done so.



Have Pity on the Pathetic

To anyone who knows him, go comment on Piro's blog to snap him out of his little self-pity party. (Piro aka David Six)



I'm not dead, just very busy with Junior year. I'll try to find some time this weekend to post pictures and updates about the first month of college.


Site of Goodness

I hereby declare Farecast to be a site of goodness, because it added Chicago and LAX to it's list of city it issues airplane ticket price predictions for. W007.

[Update about college and classes coming later, but suffice it to say my section and tutors are awesome so far. Especially "Mad Molly" Gustin, my music tutor. :D ]


Update of coolness!

Looky on that side over there.


Many links of coolness and humor and interest and stuff.
I read lots of blog feeds on Google Reader, and now I've set it up so when I find something cool about a post and I put a nice little shiny star next to it, it pops up here on my blog. That way even when I don't update, like I haven't all summer (I should be getting better come school), you can still get new stuff and see what I find interesting in the world today, whether it be in politics, religion, gaming, technology, humor, or whatever.
Not that most people would care, but you're here reading this, so I thought you might, and I think it's very cool in a geeky sort of way.

Anyways, it's there, and it makes me happy.


The Tartan Wave: A History Of Scottish Surfing

Just a cool article, with such interesting facts like the one that the Princess Victoria Ka'iulani Cleghorn was half-Scottish, as well as being the niece of Princess Lili'uokalani, and a talented surfer.

And I guess I could count myself as a Scottish surfer too, because I do have some Scottish blood (MacQueen clan), and I have been surfing. :D

Hmm, I actually just googled "MacQueen" to get a link to use, but I'm learning some rather interesting things.
"The McQueens probably originate from Vikings who settled on Skye in Scotland."
Vikings are cool, as is the island we named our puppy after. So is the clan motto, "Constant and faithful," and the clan badge, with a wolf rampant holding an arrow.
Also described elsewhere as "A wolf rampant ermine holding a pheon gules paint downward argent."
Judge for yourself.

I like it.

Or there's this version.

I think the first one looks nicer, but maybe that's just because it's cleaner. Perhaps I'll use a vector program to reproduce it so I can blow up the image.

Pictures from Rhinelander!

Taken by my mom.

All downloadable from Picasa Web Albums.


More Picasa Web Albums!

Pictures taken in 2000

Pictures from the U.S. Space and Rocket Center
(we went on the Space Shot and G-force rides)

Comments here and on the web albums are welcome, and if anyone needs an invitiation to a Gmail account feel free to email me and I'll be happy to send one.

N. Korea Launches Attack Against Sea of Japan

(2006-07-05) — North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il today acknowledged that he had ordered yesterday’s missile strikes against the Sea of Japan in response to what he called “threatening and provocative movements” that the body of water had made against his nation’s coastline.

U.S. sources said that as many seven missiles, including one long-range, short-flight Taepodong 2, penetrated the surface of the sea in a terrifying display of North Korean ballistic technology prowess.

“This clearly demonstrates our status as a global superpower,” said Mr. Kim, “The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea is quite capable of raining fire from the sky upon any body of water that approaches our shores, or even thinks about it.”

The North Korean leader said the attack should “put other seas on notice that our precision-guided munitions can strike you at any time.”

Meanwhile, China made a “goodwill gesture” aimed at gaining Mr. Kim’s trust and ending the nuclear crisis on the Korean peninsula by offering to provide replacements for the expended missiles.

“The people of North Korea can barely eat,” said an unnamed China spokesman, “So where would they get the money to buy new missiles? We consider this a humanitarian offer.”

This was the funniest take on the missle launch I've seen yet.


Escher's Kind of Town

I always thought Chicago was a cool city, but I didn't know parts were designed by M. C. Escher


Thank you!

I spent yesterday installing anti-virus and anti-spyware programs on Yorktown Mall's computer, and cleaning off all the tracking cookies and other malware they had. Fortunately, my Aunt pixie works there, and gave me a ticket to a free meal of teriyaki beef and shrimp on rice with green tea to drink at the Japanese restaurant in the food court (and it looked like the best place there), so I was able to have a nice lunch at my own little table next to a huge bank of windows looking at peaceful clouds floating across the sky, rather than the parking lot underneath.

Thank you Aunt Pixie!

NB: Those same innocent-looking clouds turned out to be very deceitful and wicked, because they later turned into rainclouds which made the traffic going home horrible.


See? This is what my Liberal Arts TAC Education is good for.

Antigone Quiz
"You answered 9 items out of 10 correctly.
Your score is 90%. Excellent job!"
I forgot that it was Tiresias, not Haemon, who made Creon see that he was wrong.

Jane Austen Quiz

"You answered 13 items out of 26 correctly.
Your score is 50%. You may want to practice more."
Not so hot. I've only read two of her books so far though.

Pride and Prejudice Quiz
"You answered 9 items out of 12 correctly.
Your score is 75%. Good job!"
Not bad. Didn't know the year it was published, the first 4 words of the book, or who paid ickham to marry Lydia.

Well, they were fun to take. More can be found here.


Really Cool Guardian Angel Prayer

O Holy Angel, attendant of my wretched soul and of mine afflicted life, forsake me not, a sinner, neither depart from me for mine inconstancy. Give no place to the evil demon to subdue me with the oppression of this mortal body; but take me by my wretched and outstretched hand, and lead me in the way of salvation.
Yea, O holy Angel of God, the guardian and protector of my hapless soul and body, forgive me all things whatsoever wherewith I have troubled thee, all the days of my life, and if I have sinned in anything this day.

Shelter me in this present night, and keep me from every affront of the enemy, lest I anger God by any sin; and intercede with the Lord in my behalf, that He might strengthen me in the fear of Him, and make me a worthy servant of His goodness. Amen.

Found in the comments on a Catholic blog.
Also, in an interesting twist, when I googled a phrase from it, the top hit was a Society of the Divine Word site, and I just delivered a computer to their International Headquarters in Techny, IL last week.


Pictures of My Frivolous Youth

Why do I love Logitech?

Because not only do they make awesome mice, like my MX1000,

but when it breaks, I call them, go through various test procedures for 10 minutes, and then they're like, "oh well, I guess it's broken. Here, how about we send you a brand-spanking new one? It comes complete with shiny box...

And don't worry about having to return the old one, we don't want it anyways."

That is why I love Logitech.


More Picasa Web Albums

Operation Bunny Rescue, which happened recently. (perhaps I can get Allison to type up a description of the events, as I missed to most exciting parts)

And The Battle of Belleau Wood, a diorama of a WWI battle I made for an eighth grade history project.

If you have GMail, feel free to log in and leave comments on the photos, or if not, just comment here, because I'm told that the little comments link right down there \/ is feeling lonely and depressed.

Pope + iPod = Rocking B16


Father David Vogel's Ordination

This is my first picture post using Google's Picasa Web Album's, and I highly reccomend the Picasa photo orgnatization software, along with the web album uploading, to anyone who wants an easy experience in organizing and posting their photos online.

Castles for sale!

It would be pretty awesome to live in a castle, but I think they're a bit out of my price range.

In the meantime...

Some cool and cute pictures of the Pope I've found.

"Pope Benedict doing his Goldfinger Oddjob imitation flicks off
his steel Zucchetto at a dissenting theologian heckling him."

"...did someone say, perogies?"

"[In a trip plagued with constant drenching rain...] A rainbow is seen in the sky as the Pope Benedict XVI pays his respect to the victims of the former Birkenau Nazi death camp in Oswiecim, southern Poland May 28, 2006."

Thanks to The Curt Jester and The American Papist

Much joy and happiness

Google just came out with Picasa Web Albums, which looks like it will make uploading pictures to this blog in a nice format much easier for me (because I'm picky about the format, each photo post has generally taken me a few hours instead of the few minutes it should take.

There are only two catches, 1, it's still in test, so I'm awaiting my invitation, but as soon as I get it I'll try it out; and 2, you'll have to click a link I post here to an album I create there, but it has a very nice, clean, smooth, and fast interface, (see here for a demo album of cute puppy pictures) so I hope you, my loyal readers, won't mind.

And I do have 3 batches of photos to post, so expect updates soon (provided my request for an invitation goes through, which it should)


May 31 Link Collection

(if anyone can think of a better description let me know)

It's so simple, why didn't we think of it before?

Those Iranian Satirists can be funny...although probably not as much as the original letter from their president.

It's got everything ... including the kitchen sink, the fridge, the dishwasher, the shelves, the microwave, etc.

And saving the best for last...

A very cute, humourous post by a homeschooling mom
Possibly because I like kissing, but who doesn't? (besides young kids :P )

My favorite quotes from the above,
"On one such recent occasion she ran screaming from the room with her fingers in her ears shouting, "Oh, Gross! I can still hear it! How can they stand it?! "She just doesn't know yet that the quiet ones are actually better," the Headmaster leaned over and whispered to me."


"And you see, now I have not only successfully embarrassed the youngest two children, I have completely grossed out and embarrassed the older Progeny who have read this blog entry and cannot believe that I am telling the entire internet world that their parents still kiss."
So Dark the Con of Mac

For all you members of "Apple Dei" out there.

Da Vinci Code boosts Opus Dei numbers

On a smiliar subject, God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.
via The American Papist

The Wanderer

Methinks this is one of Pete's better poems... at least, I like it.

"Don't tell me you take the Bible *literally*?"

How to respond to this oft-heard question, according to Mark Shea
via The Happy Catholic


Visit to the Milwaukee Public Museum

Last week my family and I drove up to Milwaukee to visit the exhibit St Peter and the Vatican: The Legacy of the Popes.

Unfortunately, no photography was allowed inside that exhibit, so I have to rely on images culled from google.
However, the exhbit itself was amazing, and traced the architecture, art, religion, and politics of the Vatican and popes through the ages in a very informative respectful manner.

The sheer amount of articles in the exhibit was amazing, and I'll just list a few of the things that especially struck me.

For one thing, I didn't know we worshippped agiant pineapple.
No, just kidding,that was suposedly the sarcophagus of St. Peter in the Basilia of St. Peter built on the Vatican by the Emperor Constantine.

What I actually found really neat was the original stone carvings they had taken from the first basilica of St. Peter.

They also had a neat recreation of what it would have been like for Michaelangelo to work on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Another exhibit had a letter written from Pope Pius IX to the Christians in China. It was written on red silk, which normally was accorded only to the Emperor, to show the pope's authority. I like it when the Catholic Church uses local symbols like that to signify things, kindof like Our Lady of Gaudalupe.

At the very end of the exhibit, there was a bronze cast of the hand of Pope John Paul II (put there at his own request), which seemed a very fitting note to end on.

I was able to take photographs in other parts of the museum though.

The Biggest Fabre Project Ever!

Must've been a freshman for a long time to collect all those.

Roll Out the Barrels

Part of the Nunnemacher Arms Collection at the Milwaukee Public Museum.


This one's for Will.


Crashing at the Beach after Finals

Group of Dead Sophomores

Will, Michelle, JB, Mary Steichen, and I drove to the beach after our philosophy final on Friday, and set the afternoon hanging out, sleeping, reading, and resting, before going to In 'n Out for dinner.

*squint* ... *grunt* ... "just lemme read."

We TACers are so pathetic, we go to the beach after finals week, and every one of us brings a book and reads it.

JB Dozing

Movie + Finals = Crazy Tired

Stones Set in Sand

Gull Guardian

Starfish hiding under a rock

Hello Mr. Crab

Gull Soaring over the saltwater

Ocean Spray

Will chowing down on a 4x4


Finals week

As he walks out of the coffee shop, the murmur of studious voices dies behind him, replaced by a ghastly silence. The moon shines brightly through the thick haze that hangs over campus, lending an appropriate surreal atmosphere to the tranquil night.
The pathways, usually traversed frequently at all times of day, lie empty, betraying the anxiety and stress of examinations that causes their abandonement.
Is it just coincidence that we read Dante this semester, and still have the quote "Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here" lingering in the recesses of our minds?

He continues his walk across campus, thoughts flickering through his head, when he realizes the mist is so thick he can't see any of the buildings, even though he stands in the middle of campus, under the solitary lamppost, the flourescent light illuminating the fog almost as brightly as the moon, and the jasmine bush overwhelming his sense of smell. He tries not to think about the relation of sense to potential and agent intellect as expounded upon by Aristotle in De Anima.

Suddenly, out of the fog, three freshman come skipping down from St. Bernard's, singing lustily, their crazed demeanor evident from their gait.

It is not surprising, dementia is one of the most common symptoms of finals week.
They pass by him, back into the haze whence they came.

As he continues his walk in the swirling mists, a theme starts in his head.

Finals week truly turns TAC into "The Twilight Zone."



The past month has been very rigorous scholastically, and there have been many others events, leaving me little time for blogging. Life in general has been pretty rough this semester, so accept my apologies for the lack of consistent posting.
However, finals are going well so far, and I'm half-way done.
Over the summer I'll be trying to post more than once a week, so watch this space when I get home next week.
God Bless,


My Birthday!

I had a pretty good birthday today, it was just an ordinary day until after classes. Happily I managed to dodge the obligatory "Happy Birthday" song by everyone in the commons at lunch by eating it in the coffee shop, and then for dinner, Will, Mary Rose, David Six, Tommy Duffy, and I went out for Sushi.
We went to a really good place called "Sumo Sushi" in Ventura, where the main attraction to college students is that if you eat there instead of getting take-out, all the sushi is half price. We ordered a very wide selection, with stuff like crab, California, Philadelphia, salmon, and tuna rolls, and then eel, octopus, crab, and other assorted sushi (not rolls).
We also ordered an quail egg shooter, but when it came, it was somewhat different from what Duffy, Mose and I (who thought we had seen it before) had expected.
Instead of being sushi or a roll, it was a small glass filed with some sort of liquid, with a bit of soy sauce and smelt eggs on the bottom, and a quail egg floating in it. It actually looked very pretty, the yellow of the quail egg nicely complimenting the blue tint of the glass, and mingling with the orange of the smelt eggs at the bottom.
So, though we had anticipated it to be a dish that could be shared, seeing as it wasn't, and it was my birthday, I shot it, and it actually tasted very good (yes, I was somewhat surprised at that).
Shortly after the rolls began to arrive, and after that the sushi, and we feasted on delicious raw and cooked fish, and the discussion was noticeably slowed for quite some time as everyone appreciated the fine cooking. David Six, who hadn't ever had sushi before, was somewhat hesitant at first, but soon was savoring the delicacies along with the rest of us. He was again a bit nervous when the second course, with the octopus (1st picture below, right side), smelt eggs (same picture, left side), and eel (3rd picture), arrived, but after trying the eels (which was perfectly, absolutely, heavenly stuff) he decided that contrary to his opinion after the 1st course ("It's good, but I wouldn't want to eat it forever"), that it definitely would be possible to live on sushi alone.

After we had finished all of the sushi (which actually took awhile, because unlike pizza, sushi is something to be enjoyed, not devoured), Will and I decided to fully enjoy the wasabi (the green stuff on our chopsticks in the bottom picture, btw, chopsticks are very fun to eat with, and I ought to get a pair), a very spicy hot paste used for seasoning the sushi (typically you stir a small amount of wasabi into the soy sauce into which you dip the sushi, because the wasabi is very potent.
So we each took a large hunk and ate it, letting it sit in our mouths for several seconds, spreading the flavor (it's actually a very unique, but good flavor, in spite of the intensity), and then breathing slowly and deeply, letting it clear out our sinuses. The sensation of slight burning in our nostrils actually felt pretty good, and I did it again with David afterwards. Our eyes smarted and watered a bit, but the taste lasted longer than the burning, and was definitely worth it. Mary Rose thought we were pretty crazy, but she already knew that.

Note: Upon reading the wikipedia articale, I came across these quotes, which make sense: "Wasabi (Japanese: 山葵) is a member of the cabbage family. Known as Japanese horseradish, its root is used as a spice and has an extremely strong flavor. Its hotness is more akin to that of a hot mustard than a chile pepper, producing vapors that burn the sinus cavity rather than the tongue."
"Fortunately for those who either through malice or unfamiliarity [or craziness] come into contact with too much of this condiment, the burning sensations it can induce are short-lived compared to the effects of chile peppers."

We then went to a local boba tea shop to get tea, except for the unfortunate fact that they were out of boba , so we had to settle for tea with jelly in it, which was still very good, although not as good as tea with boba in it.
Random bit of trivia from wikipedia: "In September 2004, while defending a US$18 billion weapon purchase plan, the ROC Ministry of National Defense used bubble tea as an example of the overall cost of the proposed purchase. The Ministry stated that the total cost of the weapons systems would be equivalent to the money saved if all Taiwanese drank one fewer pearl milk tea per week for a period of twenty years."
(!? Is that supposed to be alot or a little?)

We got back to campus at about 8, and Mary Rose, David, Tommy and I went up to the Owl to watch "Howl's Moving Castle" (Will had other obligations, such as watching a movie with Michelle). It was a really good, fun anime movie, although Mary Rose was traumatized at parts, since she had read the book, and apparently the movie didn't always hold true to the original idea or story line. We all enjoyed it though.

After that Duffy went down to campus to sleep, and David wandered off to sleep on another side of the watertower while Mary Rose and I watched the first two episodes of Fruits Basket, and cute little Japanese anime, involving a little girl who goes to lives with people who are really zodiac signs who turn into animals when hugged. (don't ask why, my only response will be "it's Japanese")

Finally I went to bed, very content and happy, with good friends, food, and movies.

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The Battle (or lack thereof) of Cuteness (or lack thereof)

We had a big long prop today, from Apollonius Conics, Book II, Prop 20. When we have one that's big and long, most people either don't study it much at all, because they don't get hard props and probably won't be called, or study it a ton, because they get hard props and will be called. And since they've studied it alot and know how to do it well it's nice to be called so that their hard work is worth something.

So Fiona and Will were arguing over the prop, because they both wanted it, when Bridget said, "I heard he took volunteers in the morning section."

Will shouted, "Good!"

And then Fiona said in her inimitable quiet fiesty cute Fiona-voice,
"Don't you dare!
...I'm cuter than you!"

Will shrugged and looked mildly flustered, everyone else laughed, and Fiona blushed.

The general concensus was that she was the winner hands-down.

I leave it to your judgement.

Fiona, looking cute as usual. Posted by Picasa

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Will, tossing around a hunk of pie dough for some reason, which gives him great joy.

Btw, Fiona got the prop, because when Mr. Clark said, "I'll take a volunteer, while Will half-heartedlyraised his hand, Fiona said (and Fiona speaking is a rarity in class) cheerfully, "I'll do it!"


Seminar Quotes over the past couple months

During Dante:

"You have to start with the big sins first, you have to say "I need to stop murdering people"" - James Berquist in Seminar

“It seems to present the idea that Evil if fun, Good is boring.” – Maria Cross

During The Fairie Queen:

“He’s a wimp! He doesn’t seem to be able to do anything on his own, he only survives because he falls against a tree, and then down a well, and then he almost accidentally cuts off the dragon’s head!” – Angela Nicolini

“It seems like he’s a wimp who can’t do it himself.” – Angela Nicolini
“So if I told you to do a hard job, and told you that everyone who had tried to do it before you had DIED, would you be a wimp for doing it and needing a little bit of help?” – Maria Cross

“So maybe it’s supposed to be a comedy” – Mr. Collins
“But it’s not funny” – James Berquist
“The Way Miss Nicolini described it it’s funny.” Mr. Collins

“She doesn’t do anything though, she just sits there and watches” - Angela
(very sweetly) “Maybe she’s praying for him.” - Michelle


I find this very very frightening.

But not all that surprising.
It's basically the plot of Tom Clancy's "Rainbow Six" where nutso evrionmental scientists decide to kill off 90% of humanity using ebola to "save the planet" Actually, methinks Tom Clancy ought to sue this guy for copyright violation. Anyways, the scary part is that he's able to speak like this at major universities and garner standing ovations from the impressionable young students there.
How wonderful. *rolls eyes*
(In case you're wondering, since I haven't used this feature before, just click on the title to go to the link)



Here are some picture I took during the big civilization game we had on campus. I lasted about 2 months, and we played usually 1-2 times a week for about 4 hours. The List of PLayers is as follows (and if someone could give me the final points total that would be cool)

1st - David Six - Babylon
2nd (by 2 points) - Joe Ferrier - Assyria

Nick Ruedig - ASIA
David Ferrier - Carthage
David Yanoshick - Egypt
Tommy Duffy - Rome
Ben Coughlin - Illyria
Pete Six - Iberia

It was a really awesome game, and fun for all (I think) even those who didn't win.
It kinda stuck that I got pwned by a Civil War on the next to last turn though, but I maintained a nice board position throughout most of the game,however, I think it was at the expense of my technology.
David Six suffered some minor calamities at the beginning, but he quickly recovered and maintained an awesome board position, because his closest neighbor was Joe, who was constantly being hit by David Ferrier and Yano, and too busy surviving to hurt David, until David had built up a huge defensive boarder. Egypt was to David's south, butt he vast expanse of desert served as a natural boundary, so David pretty much just sat there happy with his nine cities every turn.
Yano as Egypt started off the game well, but I'm not sure if he was aggressive enough, because Egypt doesn't need to be aggressive to survive, but they do to excel. He also kept rubbin up against David and Joe Ferrier, so by the end of the game he wasn't a top contender.

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Just doing my own little part...

In an attempt to better the world in some small way, I've gone on all five computers in the computer lab and changed the Internet Explorer Icon on the desktop and on the start menu to point to firefox.exe. :D


Sean, the Irish Penguin


It's an Irish Penguin!

(don't ask me how that makes sense)

my pet!

Yes, I'm bored.

And it's kindof like the green milk we had this morning.


Crazy times in Funkytown (Santa Paula)

Last saturday I had alot of fun. Dinner wasn't that great, so Will, Michelle, Clay, Tom, and I went out to Carl Jr.'s for dinner at about 10, and had a fun time, having crazy discussions, watching funny videos on my iPod, eating excellent juicy burgers, and singing and dancing to Numa Numa at full blast (Will was dancing too, which was kinda interesting, since he was driving, but Michelle wasn't dancing or singing, she was just kinda...looking either scared or amused by the rest of us crazy people).
It was very fun.

P.S. Will and I have a tradition of playing "Funkytown" from Shrek when we drive through Santa Paula, hence the post title. But we didn't play it this time in respect to Michelle's sensibilities and dislike of the song.


Happy Pi Day!

The day of

Here's a really cool equation I found last week the integreates the concepts of Pi, e, i, 1, and 0.

"Euler's identity is remarkable for its mathematical beauty. Three basic arithmetic functions are present exactly once: addition, multiplication, and exponentiation. As well, the identity links five fundamental mathematical constants:

* The number 0, the additive identity.
* The number 1, the multiplicative identity.
* The number π, the circular constant, which is ubiquitous in trigonometry, Euclidean geometry, and mathematical analysis.
* The number e, the base of natural logarithms, which occurs widely in mathematical analysis.
* The number i, the square root of -1, and the basis for the complex numbers, which contain the roots of all nonconstant polynomials and leads to deeper insights into many operators, such as integration."

Euler's Identity

I like this t-shirt:

Just in case you're wondering what it is exactly, here are the first ten thousand digits:

1415926535 8979323846 2643383279 5028841971 6939937510 5820974944 5923078164 0628620899 8628034825 3421170679 8214808651 3282306647 0938446095 5058223172 5359408128 4811174502 8410270193 8521105559 6446229489 5493038196 4428810975 6659334461 2847564823 3786783165 2712019091 4564856692 3460348610 4543266482 1339360726 0249141273 7245870066 0631558817 4881520920 9628292540 9171536436 7892590360 0113305305 4882046652 1384146951 9415116094 3305727036 5759591953 0921861173 8193261179 3105118548 0744623799 6274956735 1885752724 8912279381 8301194912 9833673362 4406566430 8602139494 6395224737 1907021798 6094370277 0539217176 2931767523 8467481846 7669405132 0005681271 4526356082 7785771342 7577896091 7363717872 1468440901 2249534301 4654958537 1050792279 6892589235 4201995611 2129021960 8640344181 5981362977 4771309960 5187072113 4999999837 2978049951 0597317328 1609631859 5024459455 3469083026 4252230825 3344685035 2619311881 7101000313 7838752886 5875332083 8142061717 7669147303 5982534904 2875546873 1159562863 8823537875 9375195778 1857780532 1712268066 1300192787 6611195909 2164201989 3809525720 1065485863 2788659361 5338182796 8230301952 0353018529 6899577362 2599413891 2497217752 8347913151 5574857242 4541506959 5082953311 6861727855 8890750983 8175463746 4939319255 0604009277 0167113900 9848824012 8583616035 6370766010 4710181942 9555961989 4676783744 9448255379 7747268471 0404753464 6208046684 2590694912 9331367702 8989152104 7521620569 6602405803 8150193511 2533824300 3558764024 7496473263 9141992726 0426992279 6782354781 6360093417 2164121992 4586315030 2861829745 5570674983 8505494588 5869269956 9092721079 7509302955 3211653449 8720275596 0236480665 4991198818 3479775356 6369807426 5425278625 5181841757 4672890977 7727938000 8164706001 6145249192 1732172147 7235014144 1973568548 1613611573 5255213347 5741849468 4385233239 0739414333 4547762416 8625189835 6948556209 9219222184 2725502542 5688767179 0494601653 4668049886 2723279178 6085784383 8279679766 8145410095 3883786360 9506800642 2512520511 7392984896 0841284886 2694560424 1965285022 2106611863 0674427862 2039194945 0471237137 8696095636 4371917287 4677646575 7396241389 0865832645 9958133904 7802759009 9465764078 9512694683 9835259570 9825822620 5224894077 2671947826 8482601476 9909026401 3639443745 5305068203 4962524517 4939965143 1429809190 6592509372 2169646151 5709858387 4105978859 5977297549 8930161753 9284681382 6868386894 2774155991 8559252459 5395943104 9972524680 8459872736 4469584865 3836736222 6260991246 0805124388 4390451244 1365497627 8079771569 1435997700 1296160894 4169486855 5848406353 4220722258 2848864815 8456028506 0168427394 5226746767 8895252138 5225499546 6672782398 6456596116 3548862305 7745649803 5593634568 1743241125 1507606947 9451096596 0940252288 7971089314 5669136867 2287489405 6010150330 8617928680 9208747609 1782493858 9009714909 6759852613 6554978189 3129784821 6829989487 2265880485 7564014270 4775551323 7964145152 3746234364 5428584447 9526586782 1051141354 7357395231 1342716610 2135969536 2314429524 8493718711 0145765403 5902799344 0374200731 0578539062 1983874478 0847848968 3321445713 8687519435 0643021845 3191048481 0053706146 8067491927 8191197939 9520614196 6342875444 0643745123 7181921799 9839101591 9561814675 1426912397 4894090718 6494231961
5679452080 9514655022 5231603881 9301420937 6213785595 6638937787 0830390697 9207734672 2182562599 6615014215 0306803844 7734549202 6054146659 2520149744 2850732518 6660021324 3408819071 0486331734 6496514539 0579626856 1005508106 6587969981 6357473638 4052571459 1028970641 4011097120 6280439039 7595156771 5770042033 7869936007 2305587631 7635942187 3125147120 5329281918 2618612586 7321579198 4148488291 6447060957 5270695722 0917567116 7229109816 9091528017 3506712748 5832228718 3520935396 5725121083 5791513698 8209144421 0067510334 6711031412 6711136990 8658516398 3150197016 5151168517 1437657618 3515565088 4909989859 9823873455 2833163550 7647918535 8932261854 8963213293 3089857064 2046752590 7091548141 6549859461 6371802709 8199430992 4488957571 2828905923 2332609729 9712084433 5732654893 8239119325 9746366730 5836041428 1388303203 8249037589 8524374417 0291327656 1809377344 4030707469 2112019130 2033038019 7621101100 4492932151 6084244485 9637669838 9522868478 3123552658 2131449576 8572624334 4189303968 6426243410 7732269780 2807318915 4411010446 8232527162 0105265227 2111660396 6655730925 4711055785 3763466820 6531098965 2691862056 4769312570 5863566201 8558100729 3606598764 8611791045 3348850346 1136576867 5324944166 8039626579 7877185560 8455296541 2665408530 6143444318 5867697514 5661406800 7002378776 5913440171 2749470420 5622305389 9456131407 1127000407 8547332699 3908145466 4645880797 2708266830 6343285878 5698305235 8089330657 5740679545 7163775254 2021149557 6158140025 0126228594 1302164715 5097925923 0990796547 3761255176 5675135751 7829666454 7791745011 2996148903 0463994713 2962107340 4375189573 5961458901 9389713111 7904297828 5647503203 1986915140 2870808599 0480109412 1472213179 4764777262 2414254854 5403321571 8530614228 8137585043 0633217518 2979866223 7172159160 7716692547 4873898665 4949450114 6540628433 6639379003 9769265672 1463853067 3609657120 9180763832 7166416274 8888007869 2560290228 4721040317 2118608204 1900042296 6171196377 9213375751 1495950156 6049631862 9472654736 4252308177 0367515906 7350235072 8354056704 0386743513 6222247715 8915049530 9844489333 0963408780 7693259939 7805419341 4473774418 4263129860 8099888687 4132604721 5695162396 5864573021 6315981931 9516735381 2974167729 4786724229 2465436680 0980676928 2382806899 6400482435 4037014163 1496589794 0924323789 6907069779 4223625082 2168895738 3798623001 5937764716 5122893578 6015881617 5578297352 3344604281 5126272037 3431465319 7777416031 9906655418 7639792933 4419521541 3418994854 4473456738 3162499341 9131814809 2777710386 3877343177 2075456545 3220777092 1201905166 0962804909 2636019759 8828161332 3166636528 6193266863 3606273567 6303544776 2803504507 7723554710 5859548702 7908143562 4014517180 6246436267 9456127531 8134078330 3362542327 8394497538 2437205835 3114771199 2606381334 6776879695 9703098339 1307710987 0408591337 4641442822 7726346594 7047458784 7787201927 7152807317 6790770715 7213444730 6057007334 9243693113 8350493163 1284042512 1925651798 0694113528 0131470130 4781643788 5185290928 5452011658 3934196562 1349143415 9562586586 5570552690 4965209858 0338507224 2648293972 8584783163 0577775606 8887644624 8246857926 0395352773 4803048029 0058760758 2510474709 1643961362 6760449256 2742042083 2085661190 6254543372 1315359584 5068772460
2901618766 7952406163 4252257719 5429162991 9306455377 9914037340 4328752628 8896399587 9475729174 6426357455 2540790914 5135711136 9410911939 3251910760 2082520261 8798531887 7058429725 9167781314 9699009019 2116971737 2784768472 6860849003 3770242429 1651300500 5168323364 3503895170 2989392233 4517220138 1280696501 1784408745 1960121228 5993716231 3017114448 4640903890 6449544400 6198690754 8516026327 5052983491 8740786680 8818338510 2283345085 0486082503 9302133219 7155184306 3545500766 8282949304 1377655279 3975175461 3953984683 3936383047 4611996653 8581538420 5685338621 8672523340 2830871123 2827892125 0771262946 3229563989 8989358211 6745627010 2183564622 0134967151 8819097303 8119800497 3407239610 3685406643 1939509790 1906996395 5245300545 0580685501 9567302292 1913933918 5680344903 9820595510 0226353536 1920419947 4553859381 0234395544 9597783779 0237421617 2711172364 3435439478 2218185286 2408514006 6604433258 8856986705 4315470696 5747458550 3323233421 0730154594 0516553790 6866273337 9958511562 5784322988 2737231989 8757141595 7811196358 3300594087 3068121602 8764962867 4460477464 9159950549 7374256269 0104903778 1986835938 1465741268 0492564879 8556145372 3478673303 9046883834 3634655379 4986419270 5638729317 4872332083 7601123029 9113679386 2708943879 9362016295 1541337142 4892830722 0126901475 4668476535 7616477379 4675200490 7571555278 1965362132 3926406160 1363581559 0742202020 3187277605 2772190055 6148425551 8792530343 5139844253 2234157623 3610642506 3904975008 6562710953 5919465897 5141310348 2276930624 7435363256 9160781547 8181152843 6679570611 0861533150 4452127473 9245449454 2368288606 1340841486 3776700961 2071512491 4043027253 8607648236 3414334623 5189757664 5216413767 9690314950 1910857598 4423919862 9164219399 4907236234 6468441173 9403265918 4044378051 3338945257 4239950829 6591228508 5558215725 0310712570 1266830240 2929525220 1187267675 6220415420 5161841634 8475651699 9811614101 0029960783 8690929160 3028840026 9104140792 8862150784 2451670908 7000699282 1206604183 7180653556 7252532567 5328612910 4248776182 5829765157 9598470356 2226293486 0034158722 9805349896 5022629174 8788202734 2092222453 3985626476 6914905562 8425039127 5771028402 7998066365 8254889264 8802545661 0172967026 6407655904 2909945681 5065265305 3718294127 0336931378 5178609040 7086671149 6558343434 7693385781 7113864558 7367812301 4587687126 6034891390 9562009939 3610310291 6161528813 8437909904 2317473363 9480457593 1493140529 7634757481 1935670911 0137751721 0080315590 2485309066 9203767192 2033229094 3346768514 2214477379 3937517034 4366199104 0337511173 5471918550 4644902636 5512816228 8244625759 1633303910 7225383742 1821408835 0865739177 1509682887 4782656995 9957449066 1758344137 5223970968 3408005355 9849175417 3818839994 4697486762 6551658276 5848358845 3142775687 9002909517 0283529716 3445621296 4043523117 6006651012 4120065975 5851276178 5838292041 9748442360 8007193045 7618932349 2292796501 9875187212 7267507981 2554709589 0455635792 1221033346 6974992356 3025494780 2490114195 2123828153 0911407907 3860251522 7429958180 7247162591 6685451333 1239480494 7079119153 2673430282 4418604142 6363954800 0448002670 4962482017 9289647669 7583183271 3142517029 6923488962 7668440323 2609275249 6035799646 9256504936 8183609003 2380929345
9588970695 3653494060 3402166544 3755890045 6328822505 4525564056 4482465151 8754711962 1844396582 5337543885 6909411303 1509526179 3780029741 2076651479 3942590298 9695946995 5657612186 5619673378 6236256125 2163208628 6922210327 4889218654 3648022967 8070576561 5144632046 9279068212 0738837781 4233562823 6089632080 6822246801 2248261177 1858963814 0918390367 3672220888 3215137556 0037279839 4004152970 0287830766 7094447456 0134556417 2543709069 7939612257 1429894671 5435784687 8861444581 2314593571 9849225284 7160504922 1242470141 2147805734 5510500801 9086996033 0276347870 8108175450 1193071412 2339086639 3833952942 5786905076 4310063835 1983438934 1596131854 3475464955 6978103829 3097164651 4384070070 7360411237 3599843452 2516105070 2705623526 6012764848 3084076118 3013052793 2054274628 6540360367 4532865105 7065874882 2569815793 6789766974 2205750596 8344086973 5020141020 6723585020 0724522563 2651341055 9240190274 2162484391 4035998953 5394590944 0704691209 1409387001 2645600162 3742880210 9276457931 0657922955 2498872758 4610126483 6999892256 9596881592 0560010165 5256375678

Thought you might want to know.