Fun when wet

Today I decided my workstudy job was to wash the ceiling in front of St. Augustine's, and blast all the cobwebs off with a pressure-nozzle hose, since Steve left me a note saying I should do something from the list I made myself. Just another reason being on "random maintainence" is totally awesome. Besides tyhe fact that Chris Bisseks and I spent 3 hours last weekend on the clock sitting in a swing watching paint dry. Seriously, we had to make sure it was the right color (none of the buckets turned out to have the right color), and Steve told us we did an excellent job.

Anyways, washings ceilings was quite enjoyable, because I got to make it pour water from the ceilings, and since I had my iPod with me, I was singing and dancing in it when Sasha came along and asked me if I was "Singing in the rain." She was quite amused, and even joined in by skipping for a bit.

I love my new job. :D

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Aunt Rita said...

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, he IS alive!

*applause, applause*

Glad to see you've crawled out from under the heavy pile of books you've been buried in all semester. I hope all is well! :)