I miss school...

...and being able to have serious discussions with people about stuff.
And I think the music at work is going to kill my brain.

btw, I don't know if anyone else is having this problem, but when I look at my blog I see a large space after the title of the first entry. If anyone that knows html wants to help with this I'd be very appreciative.

You know it's a Monday when...

- you wake up at 6am and find that you feel asleep on the sofa at midnight writing and email
- you wake up later after going to your real bed, glance at your watch, and see that you have 10 minutes to get to work, and it takes 12 minutes to drive there
- you find out when you get to work that you're not late, you're 45 minutes early, because your watch got messed up the night before
- you find out while at work that the moether of one of your old friends from school, who has 10 other kids, died yesterday. (many prayers requested for her and for her children)
- your boss asks you to work late, and overtime (that actualy doesn't bother me a whole lot, but I wish I had been able to get more overtime)
- it takes $37 to fill up the old station wagon
- your accidentally back into a dealer Cadillac CTS on your way out of the gas station, and have to talk to the guy for 30 minutes, but at least there didn't appear to be any damage

But fortunately none of that matters a whole lot when you get home and find you have a very long loving email in your inbox. :)


Top Ten Favorite Words (Not in the Dictionary)

1. ginormous (adj): bigger than gigantic and bigger than enormous

2. confuzzled (adj): confused and puzzled at the same time

3. woot (interj): an exclamation of joy or excitement

4. chillax (v): chill out/relax, hang out with friends

5. cognitive displaysia (n): the feeling you have before you even leave the house that you are going to forget something and not remember it until you're on the highway

6. gription (n): the purchase gained by friction: "My car needs new tires because the old ones have lost their gription."

7. phonecrastinate (v): to put off answering the phone until caller ID displays the incoming name and number

8. slickery (adj): having a surface that is wet and icy

9. snirt (n): snow that is dirty, often seen by the side of roads and parking lots that have been plowed

10. lingweenie (n): a person incapable of producing neologisms



Even though there are some truly nice people at work, occasionally it's clear they're not the brightest of the bunch, though it does make some good laughter.
For example, who couldn't crack up when a supervisor says about some expired sandwiches, "Them aren't no good."
But even better are the spellings of the kitchen crew, who are almost all Hispanic. Most of them are trying to learn English, and I can't fault them for having some truoble with our crazy spelling, but sometimes the labelsin the coller are a bit hard to figure out. Try these:
Grannberri Salad
Bowti w/ Asparragos

My absolute favorite ever has to be "Cronci Colso." Betcha can't tell me what that was.

And sometimes the managers attempts at advertising are somewhat laughable, e.g., the stickers for the Buffalo Turkey sandwich: "Sunset's Very Own Buffalo Turkey Sandwich...It's kicked up a knitch with a Panini roll...BAM!!!"

Right then.
Anyways, even though it's a good job, and I love the regular hours, I've asked my dad to see if he can get me a job next year in the computer industry, something paying a bit more, so hopefully that'll work out.

Father's Day

I had a pretty good Father's day. After Mass, my grandfather (Pop) came over, and I went with Peter, Caroline, my dad, and Pop to shoot Peter's BB gun in the forest. We had a good time out there, shooting beer cans off of sticks. Everyone did really well, and had a great time. Carloine amazed everyone by shooting the can with her first two shots. I did tolerably well, setting the record for consecutive shots with four hitting the mini-can (one of those really small coke cans that last about 1 swallow)
Later on, we met Pop again at Uncle Bob's and Aunt Laura's, who were away with their three kids at baseball games, and got ready to put Pop's boat in the water. We worked it out of the traffic jam caused by the wedding reception down the street, got it past the pollice officers standing around the launching area, and finally discovered that...there was no plug in the bottom of the boat, and it would sink if launched.
This was cause for some mild concern, followed by everyone searching for it, and not finding it. So we'll have to launch the boat some other time.


Work, and Missed Rendevous, and Dairy Dream

Today was an interesting day at Sunset FOods. Actually, it was a rather nice day. It was rather a slow day, and the really nice thing was that because of 401(k) meetings going on in the break room, they turned the music off and forgot to turn it on for the rest of the day. Yay for silence!
And Chris was back He's cool, and that now makes 3 interesting people to talk to in the Deli, the other one's being Mark (the assistant deli manager) and the other Nick.
Chris is a music major (French Horn) at a small Liberal Arts college up in WIsconsin, and Nick is a computer science major at some local college (can't remember what), so we ave lots of geek talk about video games and stuff.

After work, I was going to go waterskiing and put the boat in the lake with Pop, but his phone was busy all day, so that didn't work out, and instead of going waterskiing I went to meet Tim, Chris, and Moe at Dairy Dream.
I met Mr. Hunt there, who had bought the place and was running it with his kids. His borther was a teacher at Nothridge Prep where I went to school in 7th and half of 8th grade.
We ate our ice cream and played spades, and Tim, Chris, andMoe were talking about how pathetic "PSers" (Public Schoolers) were, in a very condescending tone. When I mentioned that I knew several very nice PSers at TAC, they kinda scoffed.
And it becamse apparent how hypocriticalthey were when they made the exception in the statement, "Pubclis schoolers are just bad news...unless they're hot girls."
So yeah, they spent the rest of the evening "checking out hot chicks" while I banged my head against the wall. Hypocrites.


HomeSchool Olympics

The HomeSchool Olympics were yesterday, so I spent most of my day off there.
It was good to see the people from the homeschooling group again, and I spent a fair amount of time chatting with some parents, especially Mr. and Mrs. Williams, and Mr. and Mrs. Hudson. Mrs. Williams had very cute baby twins, and I got to take care of one for awhile, although it was kindof plopped on me by my dad when i was lying in the shade under a tree. I didn't mind though, because he was a very happy and contented 3month old (actually, I'm just guessing at his age, but he couldn't sit yet, so he was proablby less than 6 months).
The Olympics themselves were pretty fun. I was the coahc of team 1, with Chris and Allison and a bunch of little kids. it was fun to coach the little kids, and some of them did pretty well, but a few of the events just didn't really work, like the t-ball thing, and I thought the races were more fun when we all ran them at once. But anyways we got third place out of 6, which wasn't that bad.


Dancing again!!!

Yay!!! I had dancing at my house last Friday night!
I missed dancing.

I invited a fair number of the homeschool group people over for dance practice, and 7 of them actually showed up, Natalie, Lizzy, and Stanley Schurdak, Matt Ryan, and Mary Klocek and Eddy.
I had cleared out a decent sized dance floor in the basement, but there was a steel pole in the middle that needed to be avoided (though noone hit it fortunately) and the ceiling was about 6.5 feet, which precluded any flips, although I still managed do do a few carry's and lampposts.
It was really fun, the guys were all pretty decent, although Eddie was flirting with Mary a bit too much to pay attention, though he did sincerely try to learnt he Pretzel, which wasn't that wise, but I tried to teach him.
Lizzy was a quick learner, and Natlie was a natural swing dancer, and it was quite fun to be able to dance with someone who just had that special dancing grace (I don't really know how else to describe it, but it's something that some girls just have, and I must admit at TAC I favor them over the others, even though I try to dance with everyone), whihch I hadn't done since I visited Mia almost three weeks ago.

Anyways, much fun was had, and I'll try to be making it a weekly thing.

And in other news, my grandfather's boat was fully checked out, the permit was obtained, the shore station put in, and all that needs to be done before waterskiing is to actually launch the boat.


Contrary to the calims of some people *cough* it was very easy to fix my computer because I have Windows XP, and therefore all I had to do was load a system restore point, and Voila! ... it's fixed. :D

However, the air conditioning in our house broke soon after.
Which is not fun.
Especially in a heat wave.

Although there was a funny moment at work the other day. I was waiting on a couple who both had heavy French accents, and after the husband had ordered some stuff, the wife said "I think I like some Domestic Swiss." I pointed to it, to make sure, and said "This?" She asked, "Does eet haf holes?" I looked a bit confused, and showed her the holes. "Ah, since it has holes I will haf haf pound."

Mmhmm. Swiss cheese does tend to "haf holes."


I hate it when my computer breaks.


Sorry for the lack of updates, I'm working on the long one, but work's been rather busy, and I've been involved in other things.
I'll try to have it before the end of the week.
In recent news, I think I might be able to get my grandfather's boat in the lake soon for waterskiing.