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I sent this in an email to my mom last week and she thought I should post it:
"The weather is getting very boring, because it's always warm and sunny, with no signs of fall yet. We get excited when we have clouds. Some of the other mid-westerners and I sometimes tell the Californians what real weather is like."

I guess God decided to grant our wish (at least somewhat) because it's been drizzling for the past four days (they don't really have proper downpours, and no thunder, lightning, or wind to speak of) and pretty much all the sidewalks on campus are rivers, the stairs are waterfalls, and mud is everywhere because they just graded the big field lst week and were about to seed it because they just finished the construction of St. Monica's dorm.
The guys in Sts. Peter and Paul (where I live) have it worst, because our normal means of getting to classes and the commons is a gravel path, which currently is all mud, and to get to the sidewalk used by the other dorm we have to wade through puddles several inches deep.

But they still don't have real weather.
More Quotes

What should I draw? – John Brungardt
Birdies and squirrels! – Kitty
Birdies and squirrels? Ew! That’s girlie! I’m going to draw explosions and trucks! – JB

Take comfort in the fact that you are unique, just like everyone else. – Tommy Duffy

I mean, God spends the first few chapters numbering the Israelites and the next few books wiping them out, right? – Mark McLean (on the book of Numbers)


When I went to my tutor's house for dinner his little daughter Claire really liked my VeggieTales tie. Posted by Hello

My roommate really got into the whole 50s thing. Posted by Hello

The Senior-Freshman dance. Posted by Hello
More Quotes:

And the cabbages will rule the world. – Mr. Duffy

I’ll just have him listen to the first song. I think he’ll like it. It’s almost all vocal and it’s in Latin. Then he won’t think I’m so weird. – Kitty Jensen
Only at TAC can someone say a song is all Latin and therefore not weird. – Colleen McAlister

23000 killed? That’s ridiculous! What would they do with all the bodies? – Paula Grimm
You’re thinking practically again. – Mark McLean


I'm going to start posting one or two "Random TAC Quotes" every day.
Feel free to ask about the story behind them in the comment box.

Random TAC quotes

The tutor isn’t always right. – Miss Russell
That’s right, I once thought I had made a mistake, but I was wrong. – Mr. Paietta (theology tutor)

And so the male tackled the female and said “Give me your tray!” – Tommy Duffy


Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written an actual blog entry. Schoolwork has picked up a bit, so I’ve had to spend more time studying.

So, interesting things that have happened since my last blog post...

The senior/freshman mixer/dance was a week and a half ago. We started out by driving to the beach, my roommate Will, Dominic, David Yano and I went with “Big John” Almeta, the head senior in our wing. He’s a really cool guy, and he actually make friends with the freshaman, insteading of ignoring them like some of the seniors. Most of them are fairly friendly though. We’ve actually stayed up late some nights playing Worms and Doom 3 with him. Anyway, we had a very interesting discussion on the way to the beach.
We were discussing illegal immigration, and decided that according to Christian morality it would be justifiable to deport all illegal immigrants.

Anyway, we got to the beach with the rest of the seniors and freshman, played volleyball for a few hours, swam some, and read the Odyssey. (well, the studious people did that, not me).
Then We went home with Mike Martin (Bog John had gone home earlier), who I knew from World Youth day. We stopped at In ‘n Out, the quintessential California fast food spot. (for those of you who haven’t been to California).

After that we had an hour to change for the Senior/Freshman dance, which was 50s themed, so 5 of us freshman put on undershirts, leather jackets, and jeans to go for the whole 50’s look.

to be finished after dinner...