Board Room Classes (no, not "bored classes")

A few days ago when a structural engineer was on campus, he found a crack in one of the beams in the commons chapel, so for the past few days it's been closed, and probably will be for a few more weeks until they fix it.
Since they had to have Mass somewhere, they had it in room106 for the first day, so Mr. Shield's class moved from there to room 317, where my section has Theology with Mr. O'Rielly. Since he was using that room, we got to have class in the Board of Governor's council room in the library. That's the room ehind the railing above hte entrance in this picture, and the room that opens onto the balcony in this picture.
It was pretty cool having a class there, since the atmosphere is more refined and elegant thatn the usual classrooms, since the wall are lined with large bookcases of gold-gilded tomes, with nice statues, and the view, instead of some grass, looks out over all of campus and the mountains surrounding.

Anyways, the temprary chapel has been moved to the library, and Masses are now held in the main part thereof, so it looks like we won't be having class there anymore, but it was quite enjoyable the two times we were able too. (waving to people from the balcony before class was fun too :D )


The Property of Fixxedness

I finally fixed Chris Bissek's laptop after two weeks of working on it on and off. His windows installation was thoroughly corrupted and required reinstallation, but his CD-rom drive was broken, and connecting an external drive to his USB ports didn't work, and even performing a hard drive transplant to a donor laptop didn't solve the problem. Finally, I was able to open up his CD-ROM drive, fiddle with the cables and servos a bit, and coax it to work long enough for me to install windows.
It made him quite happy to have his soul back, as it had been lost due to his lack of music from his computer.

I also just heard from Josh Kens that Father Michael said Josh could quote him on the fact that "Going to TAC and loving it is a sign of predestination."



More fun with work study

So after having me make a list, "The Funky Boss" aka Steve, has told me that if I keep finiding things to add to it that I can just do stuff off that list for the rest of the semester, and possibly the year. So I pretty much get to make up my own jobs each day, which makes my job even better.
I do admit I have a tendency to choose either the fun or the extremely satisfying ones, like hosing down the ceilings (fun) or cleaning 5 years of dirt off of a fireplace (extremely satisfying).

Still have to paint that strip of wax down at the hacienda though, which will definitely involve watching more paint dry...


'Tis wondrous strange...

In philosophy this year, we've started out by studying the Nicomachean Ethics of Aristotle. It's one of my favorite classes so far, and we've had many intense debates and discussions about virtue, it's meaning and form, how it is found and define, and particular virtues like courage, high-mindedness, temperance, and the like. Currently we've moved on to the fifth book, which mainly deals with justice. We examined the nature of justice, and different types of justice, such as distributive and reciprocal justice, for different things like transactions and interactions between mne, and finally we had reached to point where we were examining the difference between natural justice and political (or legal) justice. It occurred to me during our class that at most colleges in America, one would not only not be able to easily take up that abortion goes against the natural law unchangeably, but also that it was strange that we used that example since it was the easiest for us to agree on, since theft and murder are more easily equivocated or superceded by other natural laws.


Fun when wet

Today I decided my workstudy job was to wash the ceiling in front of St. Augustine's, and blast all the cobwebs off with a pressure-nozzle hose, since Steve left me a note saying I should do something from the list I made myself. Just another reason being on "random maintainence" is totally awesome. Besides tyhe fact that Chris Bisseks and I spent 3 hours last weekend on the clock sitting in a swing watching paint dry. Seriously, we had to make sure it was the right color (none of the buckets turned out to have the right color), and Steve told us we did an excellent job.

Anyways, washings ceilings was quite enjoyable, because I got to make it pour water from the ceilings, and since I had my iPod with me, I was singing and dancing in it when Sasha came along and asked me if I was "Singing in the rain." She was quite amused, and even joined in by skipping for a bit.

I love my new job. :D