First week back at college

Getting back to college has been great. It's like coming to a second home, where you know everyone and are completely comfortable.
Of course, and few things have changed, the seniors have moved on, and there's a new bunch of freshmen who moved it. It does feel a bit odd at first not being the youngest class there, and actually having the teach the freshmen about some of the tradition of the college, but it's pretty fun. And one of the traditions is that the sophomores teach the freshmen how to dance, which I think is extremely fun. It was a good thing I taught dancing over the summer though, because though some of the freshmen take naturally to it (typically more of the girls) some of them do need to be taught. Although the Canadian guys all seem to know swing-dancing very well, so I've been trading moves with them.
As regarding the actual learning I'm doing here, this year seems like it will be a great one. The Sophomore readings are quite interesting. We study Chemistry for Lab, Sts. Augustine and Anselm for Theology, Ptolemy, Kepler, and Copernicus for Math (Astronomy really), more Latin, and Roman writers for Philosophy and Seminar.
But not only are the readings cool, but my section is completely awesome, with a bunch talkers, so our discussions tend to be extremely lively and animated. It can sometimes be hard to get a word in edgewise, but even with all the shouting we somehow manage to get something done. (although today my roommate Will had to bang on the table a few times)
And not only is my section great, but our tutor lineup is just perfect. We have Mr. Dacaen for Lab (which is his specialty), and Mr. Clark for Math (which is *his* specialty), Mr. Wodzinski for Philosophy (who was my favorite tutor last year for Math), and Dr. McArthur for Theology (who actually taught the president of the college along with the current Dean and Will's dad, who regards him as somewhat of a demi-god (I'll have to remember to relate the story of the Dante Statue later, along with pictures)).
I also have Miss Zedlick for Lab, who...seems like she'll be very interesting. Her accent, sentence construction, grading, and teaching style are all very very German.

So anyways, College life is good, and Ultimate Frisbee rules.


I've been fairly busy packing for college and helping my dad build computers recently, which is why I haven't posted. I'll attempt to put something together about Elizabeth's visit in the next couple days and post it before school starts. In the meantime anyone who wants a fairly inexpensive laptop or desktop, or a 15" LCD monitor for less than $150 (I think we have 4 of them, and also several 17"s) is free to contact me, and you should all know my email. If not, email my junk email account at turelio86 at hotmail dot com and I'll give you my real email. (yes, I am paranoid about spam, and I hate it with a passion). Posted by Picasa


Another title

Diamond Queen says: nick, dear, ive argued more with you than I ever have with anyone in my life
Sir Nicholai says: *is honored*
Diamond Queen says: no, wait
Diamond Queen says: i think ive argued more with my mother
Diamond Queen says: but you come in second.

The Marytown Adoration Banner. Posted by Picasa

Buckingham Fountain. Posted by Picasa

Close up of the fountain. Posted by Picasa

Peter was thirsty. ;) Posted by Picasa

Buckingham fountain with the main spray on. Posted by Picasa

Lazy people. Posted by Picasa

Helicopter dwarfed by buildings. Posted by Picasa

Cool cape. Posted by Picasa

Mommy and Peter walking along. Posted by Picasa

The bean was under construction, but I took pictures of the available corner. Posted by Picasa

The photoholic. Posted by Picasa

Evil trees are put under lock and key nad security cameras. Me thinks Treebeard would not approve. Posted by Picasa

The modern knight. Posted by Picasa

There were over 500 Knights of Columbus there, since they had just finished their international convention. Posted by Picasa

He just looks like a British admiral to me. Posted by Picasa

The beginning of the procession after the knights. Posted by Picasa

The brass section. Posted by Picasa

The procession of priests. Posted by Picasa

The canopy over the Monstrance. Posted by Picasa

Cardinal George following the Eucharist. Posted by Picasa

Cardinal George blessing the masses with Jesus. Posted by Picasa


Still feeling fine...

Apparently I was blessed enough not to have to go through alot of aching and pain, because it's been over 24 hours since the operation and I'm still feeling fine. it does hurt when I move the musccles in my cheeks to spit (I discovered this while brushing my teeth) but other then that I feel ok.
The operation itself was rather underwhelming. I was hooked up to an ekg and blood pressure monitor, then they put and IV into my left arm (they couldn't find a vein in the right, and there was a nice mark in the left where I usually give blood, and then suddenly it was an hour later, and they said I was done.
I had some gauze pads in my mouth for several hours to staunch the bleeding, but it wasn't that bad. And I get to eat yogurt, smo0thies, and ice cream for a few days, which is a pretty good deal.
I have to run now, we're going to the Eucharistic Rally in Grant Park today with Francis Cardinal George. I'll be sure to take pics and post some here.
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Something's not right...but I don't mind

Well, I had my wisdom teeth out at 7:30 AM, and I'm still not feeling any pain. I took a long long nap this morning, but I feel like I'm able to walk around and do eveything fine.
So I'm just hoping the lack of pain will continue, because the numbness in my lower jaw is much nicer than it hurting.
And the extracted teeth look pretty cool. Perhaps I'll post pictures here.