Site of Goodness

I hereby declare Farecast to be a site of goodness, because it added Chicago and LAX to it's list of city it issues airplane ticket price predictions for. W007.

[Update about college and classes coming later, but suffice it to say my section and tutors are awesome so far. Especially "Mad Molly" Gustin, my music tutor. :D ]


Update of coolness!

Looky on that side over there.


Many links of coolness and humor and interest and stuff.
I read lots of blog feeds on Google Reader, and now I've set it up so when I find something cool about a post and I put a nice little shiny star next to it, it pops up here on my blog. That way even when I don't update, like I haven't all summer (I should be getting better come school), you can still get new stuff and see what I find interesting in the world today, whether it be in politics, religion, gaming, technology, humor, or whatever.
Not that most people would care, but you're here reading this, so I thought you might, and I think it's very cool in a geeky sort of way.

Anyways, it's there, and it makes me happy.