Written 09-19-2004, 1134
Ventura Airporter Bus
En route from LAX to Oxnard Airport

The flight was uneventful, I picked up my baggage easily, and went out to wait for the Ventura Airporter bus. While waiting I spied a girl whom I took to be another TAC freshman. She was waiting for a bit, I noticed that she was fairly modestly dressed, with a long skirt and a sunhat. She also had a print out from the Ventura Airporter’s website.
When the Bus finally came I was proven right because as I helped her with her luggage I asked her if she was going to Thomas Aquinas and she was. However, I was distracted from talking to her because on the shuttle Gwyneth Owen, who was in my section for the summer program last year, greeted me. We chatted for a bit about what we had been doing, and now I’m writing up this blog entry.

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