Tonight I pretty big waterskiing party. Tim, Chris, Moe, Joe, Johnny, Mary, and I all went out on my grandpa's boat at about 6. Since there wasn't room for my dad on the boat he let me take it out my myself, which was pretty fun. We started out waterskiing, and Chris did very well, getting up great, but he still couldn't figure out how to stay up on one ski. Same with Tim. I just they just lack my skiing skill. :P
Joe and Mary also tried skiing. Joe did pretty well, and I think one of the reasons he didn't really get up was because he's kinda big and there were alot of people ont he boat, so there may not have been enough power to get him up. Mary actually got up for a few seconds, but she kept doing the splits, which meant that she only had a few tries before she was very sore.
Oh, and I went waterskiing too, dropped a ski a couple of time no problem. ;)
Only I couldn't get up on one ski. :(

Then we went back tot he dock and picked up the tube for some more fun. Johnny, Mary, and Chris all tubed, and everyone got to drive the boat for a bit. The tubing was rather intense, all done at full speed with lots of sharp turns. I don't think anyone just stopped tubing, they all got flipped. :P
The last thing we did was a "wake run" where I did alot of long dashes and sharp turn so we hit our own wake. Johhny, Chris, and Moe especially liked it, as they were all at the front of the boat pretending to be Superman. I tried to knock them off, but to no avail.
After that we headed back to the dock and packed up. We dropped Mary off, picked up Tommy, and headed to Krispy Kremes for a nice snack and chat.

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