Dreams During Math Class...Kindof

Yeah...I didn't fall asleep in Math class today.
No, seriously!
I just had a dream with my eyes open.
I was staring at Deirdre doing prop 97 of Book X, which I hadn't bothered to study because it wasn't important and she was assigned it and I hate Book X. Anyway, I was staring at her doing this prop, and completely zoning out my mind, and a few minutes later we're actually having an interesting discussion in class, and for some reason Kitty brought Mary's snake, Felix, out of her pocket (which, by the way, is a very cool pet), and was relating it to the discussion somehow, and then Mr. Wodzinski was playing with the snake and leadint the discussion at the same time. It was great fun!
Then I turned my head away from Mr. Wodzinski and back to the board, and there was Deirdre droning on about lines conmesurable and irrational and junk.
Yeah...so there was no snake in class, only in my head. Bummer.

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