Chapel Plans for TAC

Also on Sunday, I had dinner over at Father Borden's with the rest of the altarboys. Mr. and Mrs. Dillon (The president and his wife) were there, and as I sat at the dinner table next to them, we talked for quite a bit.
The interesting part (besides how they were recovering from the flooding down in the hacienda) was the construction plans for the chapel. I found out that they hope to start working in June, and they're almost positive they will be able to start work before the end of summer. The plans project that the building will take two and a half years, but Mr. Dillon hoped to get it done in two. I'm guessing three.
As a side note, though the chapel will be beautiful, it won't have any stained glass windows to start with, because they're going to get the money for those later, but they think it's important to get the chapel up now.
Also, they might start building the official faculty office building while the chapel is building, because that should only take a year to build. And once that's done, it's time to blow up St. Patrick's Hall!!! YAHOO!!! No more eyesore in the middle of the green!
(is it wrong to post about celebrating the destruction of St. Paddy's Hall on his feastday?)
Anyway, it sounds like it's still possible that the chapel might be finished before we graduate, which would be awesome.

Architectural sketches of the chapel:

Chapel Website

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