Don Rags

As I'm sure some of you people know (and as some probably don't) in the middle of every semester at TAC, there is a period of time known as "Don Rags." This refers to the ancient and venerable tradition of having your tutors talk to eachother behind your back to your face.
In other words, every student in the school, at different assigned times, goes into a classroom, where they are faced with a battery of teachers, who proceed to debate the merits and flaws of said student, not addressing the student directly at any time, but referring to him as though he were not present. And they're not always very merciful.
However, in return for 15 minutes of torture, we do get 3 days off of school, which seems like a fair trade to me.
During Dons Rags, I've had a pretty fun time, playing chess, going bowling, playing LOTS of Ultimate Frisbee, having some UT2004 Tournaments, and other such stuff.
My actual DOn Rags went pretty well, almost all my tutors had good things to say about me, and Math and Lab tutors didn't have anything negative to say, although that was balanced out by my seminar tutor, who didn't seem to have anything positive to say.

In other recent news, Mr Dragoo brought up Yoda in his other language class, and told them, "Fecundum est studium Jedorum." (fruitful is the study of the Jedi).

Mike Crump and Gabe Mamola protested outside of eachother's Don Rags, because they were both in room 209 (one of the only rooms with big windows) and they held a sign saying "Have Mercy." Only Mr. Nieto noticed it when Crump heldit, but because Gabe waved it and jumped around while Crump was having his Don Rags, all the tutors noticed and commented on it, and Mr. Nieto ran out and chased him off.

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