Easter Week

So the rest of Easter Week was pretty fun
On Monday, David Six, Amy, David Yanoshik, Dom, Duffy, and I all got together in Room 202 to play computer games from lunchtime until curfew. We played lots of Starcraft (a few free for alls, one RPG, and several very fun turret defenses), and tetrilox, and Max Payne 2.
On Tuesday, we decided to do the exact opposite, and the five guys kidnapped Amy and brought her on an 8-hour hike with us, and I got badly sunburned. I forgot what sunburn was like, because mostly out here I just get tan. However, 8 hours in the sun did it.
Wednesday was mainly spent welcoming people back, like Kitty and Jen and Mosey B and PetenMary. It was good to have the campus populated again. :D
Thursday we went back to classes. Mmph.
Friday, as Mr. Wodzinski said, seemed like the end of a long week, even though we had only had two days of school.

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