Te deum!

The last few days have eebn pretty cool at TAC. Henry Teichert set up his laptop in Father Michael's room (which is right next to mine) with a constant webcam of the Vatican and updating nes reports, so we had full coverage. Then, after math today, as I was walking with my section to philosophy, Hannah Russell cam up and said they had seen white smoke at the Vatican 5 minutes ago, so I skipped the first half hour of philosophy, first to go to the computer lab, but most of the servers for the news sites were overloaded, so a group of us headed over to Father's Borden's (who has the only TV tuner on campus). There were about 50 students jammed into his living, but it was great, and we were all cheering when the announcment "Habemus Papam," was made, and again when Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger came out and announced himself as Benedict the Sixteenth.
After about half n hour I went and cought the rest of my philosophy class. Of course, almost everyone in the class looked inquisitively at me the moment I entered the room (except for Dr. Richard) so I passed a couple notes around the table with the info, which satiated their curiousity.
At the Mad Tea Party we made two toasts to the new pope, each followed by drinking good tea.
And I just got back from the chapel, where about half the students on campus crammed in at lunchtime to chant a joyful "Te Deum!"

Viva el Papa!

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