I got up at 5:50 to go collect stuff from the grab table in the commons, which was going up for grabs today, but the commons was still locked, so I went back to my room, changed, and went for my morning run. Then I went *back* to the commons, and found out that some people had already been there, but I still got most of the books, thus saving a good amount of next year's book prices. Go me.
After Mass I studied my math props for a bit, sent a couple emails from the library after it opened, and headed to math class.
Today in Math we were doing props 10, 11, and 16 from book XII. Prop 16 was fairly short, so Mr Wodzinski had Nels do it first, and thn asked Kitty (of all people) to do prop 10, which was very complicated and 2.5 pages long. Predictably, she declined. As usually happens after a prop is declined, a hush descended over the room. The Mr Wodzinski asked Paula if she could do it. When Paula declined, almmost the entire room was shocked, because she was one of the 5 people in our section who had never declined a prop before.
I think at this point Mr. Wodzinski gave up inside, because he'd never had two people decline the same prop before, and he asked for volunteers.
Usually, when there's a call for volunteers, Dom, Lisa, Paula, Hannah and I all raise our hands, but this time, everyone only glanced nervously at eachother.
Mr. Wodzinski started suggesting that the entire class could just read through the prop while someone demonstrated it at the board, when I cautiously volunteered to do it. I had only had 10-15 minutes to study it before class, but I had the method figured out, and I worked out the smaller kinks as I went through the prop, trying hard to explain the theory to the class, since it was a fairly complicated one.
I did it fairly well, and got a nice round of applause at the end. :)
So maybe I'll get to do the Death Star on Monday as a reward.

Philosophy class was full of funny quote, like when Dominic was trying to explain induction, and Mr. Richard said "I'm not saying you're not right, I'm saying you have no clue what you're talking about. (pause) And that goes for the rest of you for the whole year too." (laughter). Mr Richard has a very good, yet very dry wit.
There was a quote from the Aristotle we're reading, "But let us say again what was just said, but not clearly." Mr Richard's comment was "He didn't say he was going to say it clearly, he said he'd say it again."
Very dry.

Random quote:
"Dude, I don't know what a teraflop is, it sounds like a mutated fish." ~Zach in the computer lab

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