OK, to catch up on some stuff. Last Wednesday I went to Best Buy with my birthday money and got "Command and Conquer: Generals: Deluxe Edition", with the money I got from the Franciscan Friars, and the "Laptop Collection Pack" with the money I got from Joe and Rose. It's a collection of 5 older games, which means I can play them on my laptop. it's actually not that bad, and can handle Age of Mythology pretty well. The 5 games were SimCity 300 Unlimited (great game), Red Alert 2 (decent), Tiger Woods PGA (I'm not into golf games), and Alpha Centauri, and the Planetary Expansion Pack. I'll probably also be getting a Wireless card for my laptop. I should be writing reviews soon for all the games I got, except I don't have any computer that plays "Generals" well, because for some reason it doesn't like the video card I have in the basement computer, so I've been playing alot of SimCity and Alpha Centauri on my laptop.
I'll be writing about the IRL tomorrow.

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