Computer Game Review
Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2
EA Games
Westwood Studios

Graphics: 2 stars
Gameplay: 2 stars
Storyline+cutscenes: 4 stars
Overall: 2 stars

This was supposed to be the greatest new Westwood game, but it was essentially a rehashed cartoony version of earlier games, with a bland storyline about the Commie invading the U.S. There were few new units, and those that were new were absolutely pathetic, like "Camoflauge" tank that turned into a tree, or a "weather storm" manufacturer. The gameplay wasn't anything new, and while it was cool 5 years ago they needed to introduce something new to keep the series going. In short, this game is not worth more than $5, but I only paid $4. :P It's also pretty easy, the first time I had it (about a year ago) I beat the first 11 Allied Mission in one 8 hour stretch the first night, and the twelth and last mission onyl took me a couple more hours. The replay value is very low, as the skirmishes are very boring, and the online gaming just isn't that great.

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