San Francisco Walk for Life - Part I

About a month ago, a large group of students from Thomas Aquinas went to the March for Life in San Francisco.
I traveled with four of my friends, Pete Turrentine and Mary, and Mose and JB, in Pete’s older brother’s car, an old Volvo station wagon. The road trip was rather uneventful up there, we talked about various subject, listened to Pete’s music, mainly consisting of the Pogues, and slept a fair amount of the way.
We left after classes on Friday, at about 3, and got to Pete’s house around 10. We met his parents briefly, and then drove over to his grandparents house, I think because it was his grandfather’s 93rd birthday party. Over there we met his grandparents and some relative, including Pete’s older brother Matt and his wife Erin (they were married last fall, I think in November). We listened to Pete’s grandfather tell a few stories, which were quite interesting, although I’m told Pete had heard them many times before. After that we headed back to Pete’s house, and since it was only midnight we decided to watch a movie, and agreed upon “The Blues Brothers,” which I had never seen before. I was a pretty good movie, the music was excellent, and the comedy was pretty funny. It got a bit ludicrous near the end, but all in all it was enjoyable, and I think I’d give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars. While watching the movie Petenmary and Mosey B sat cuddling on a bed in Pete’s basement, so I got the little couch all to myself, which was rather comfy, if a bit lonely.
The next morning I woke up at around 8, and went upstairs to help Mrs. Turrentine cook breakfast. I toasted some toast and fried some eggs for the hungry boys who eventually emerged from the basement about an hour later. Pete’s younger brothers were suing the opportunity visitors afforded to show off their sword-fighting sills with stick and wooden staffs. I’m not sure if the Turrentine house appreciated this, as one of them said at one point, “Oh, it’s ok, we were going to have to repaint the ceiling anyway.”

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