Part III

Then we drove to Matt and Erin’s home to spend the night. They rented a house behind a larger house where there landlord lived. It was really small, only one room really, a main family/living room, with a small kitchen alcove, a bathroom, and a little bedroom section that could be closed off with a partition, but it looked like just the right size for a newly-married couple.
They themselves were quite fun, they’re both TAC grads, and they remembered quite a bit about the college. Matt works for Pete’s dad, who is (I think) the head of a winemaking company, and somehow I got the impression that Matt was mainly in charge of the vineyards. Anyway, he had a very nice selection of beverages, so we all helped make homemade pizza and ate it with some good beers and whisky.
We conversed for a few hours after that, about school, work, the march, life in general, and such stuff. We then decided to watch a movie, and using their projector we watch the Marx Brothers’ “Room Service,” a hilarious comedy about a play manager and his struggles in bringing his work to fruition. That got 4 out of 5 stars from me.
The guys slept in the main room, the girls in the little bedroom partition, and Matt and Erin under a table in the corner. I woke up first, meaning I got to take a warm shower.

Mary sitting on Pete. >

We went to Mass, stopped for brunch at Pete’s house, and drove back at about 1.
The ride back was quite enjoyable, we had gotten the Phantom of the Opera music on Pete’s ghetto MP3 player (it’s 5 years old, has no cover, has been aflame several times, and is held together with rubber bands and electrical tape) and we listened to that, told jokes, and had a good times. One of the best parts was when we got JB to call Mose’s dad and ask when she would officially be an old maid. (Good thing her dad really likes him) That led to a long argument about which standard would be used for old maidhood. Mose though it was when she was older than her mother when she was engaged, I think her mom thought it was when Mose was older than her mother when she married, and Mose’s dad said she would be an old maid when she had glasses, her hair in a bun, kept cats, and was a librarian.
That was easily fixed, as Mose’s hair was already in a bun, I lent her my glasses, and Kitty and Mary (the cats) frequent her room. All we have to do is get her a transfer to the library, although working in admissions is pretty close, it’s the same type of job.
We went to Taco Bell for dinner, and right before we left Mose and I heard a familiar song on the radio outside (I can’t remember what it was, can you, Mose?) so we did a bit of swing-dancing outside in the parking lot lights (something only TAC students would do).
We got back to campus right before curfew on Sunday night, after a long, successful, and very enjoyable trip.

The End.

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