Quotes from my Seminar Section on Antigone:

Cheeley's Kwazy Kwote of the Week: "Perhaps in Antigone the author trying to draw a parallel between the roles of male and female with the difference between power and conscience." - Zach Cheeley
(someone brings up a quote)
"Doesn't that quote show it's not some weird sexist confrontation?" John Pakaluk

"She wanted to die for burying her brother, but that didn't work out, so she wanted to see if suicide would have the same effect." - Therese Scanlon

"She wanted to be on good terms with her brother because she'd have to spend eternity with him." - Ana Goodman
"But if she didn't bury him she wouldn't have to deal with him anyway!" John Pakaluk

"Don't you think if Creon had gotten to the tomb she might have shouted at him, "Just go away and let me hang myself in peace!" - Mr Quackenbush

"See, the problem was she was buried without being dead, while her brother was dead without being buried." - Jen Sawyer

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