Hey everyone.
I barely got back to campus yesterday, because it's been raining like crazy here, and the road from Santa Paula to the college was completely washed out. the road to the college from Ojai was just barely passable, with four mudslides and a downed tree.
We were supposed to have classes today, but there was more rain last night, which washed out the road from Ojai, so none of the tutors should get here.
Today I woke up to torrential rains, and walked out the dorm into a river of water almost a foot deep. They did have Mass, and after that I joined the work crews that were formed to keep the hacienda (the president's house) from being flodded. We built a wall of sandbags, trenches, and dirts walls. then we learned that one of the girls' dorms had flodded, so since noon I've been rippingout their base boards so other guys could drill holes in their wall to prevent their wall from filling up with water, because we expect more rains tonight. We also put their furniture up on blocks of wood, and one of the wings is moving into another girls dorm temporarily. then we set to work digging trenches across campus, filling danbags, and preparing for another night of flooding. We aren't having classes today or tomorrow, and we don't know about he rest of the week.

I'm going to get back to work, and I might post some pictures tomorrow.

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