Praying at Work

So today at work, I was at the computer printing out some stickers for pre-pack (I'm one of 4 people in the deli who know how to do that), and my boss comes up, and asks me "How are you doing?"
Nothing unusual yet, I know.
-"Fine, and yourself?"
-"OK, sortof. Actually it's all a front. You know how sometimes You have to hide your feelings?"



This is the boss who I hardly ever talk to. The most personal thing we've ever discussed has been where I'm going to college I think.
And now she's telling me that she's having personal problems? Where'd this come from? Am I just the type of guy people know they can trust not to tell anyone?


"Having to put on a fake smile for the customers? Yeah, I know the feeling."

And oh boy, do I know that feeling. There have been several days at work were I have been a bit more cheerful than normal to hide myself. But I never told anyone, and I doubt they noticed.

So when I went back to make more stickers I decided I ahd to do something. As I was leaving I turned around and said "I don't know if it'll make you feel any ebtter, but I'll be praying for you."
-"What" (there was alot of background noise, so I couldn't tell if she hadn't heard, or didn't believe her ears)
-"I'll be praying for you."

She said "Thank you." and looked genuinely happy. So I made someone else feel good, ingratiated myself with the boss, and made my religion know all at once. (well, everyone already has noticed my Miraculous Medal, but I guessed I kinda lived it out.)

So anyway, that was kinda cool and weird at the same time.

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