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I've been very busy lately, so I'll be posting some stuff that I haven't had time to write about.
On Friday July 2, Matt, Johnny, Tim, and I went waterskiing on my grandpa's boat on Diamond lake with my dad. Johnny and I got lost (a bit) while getting gas for the boat, while Pop (my grandpa) talked alot about boat engines to Tim and Matt. Tim got the idea that I'm only a genius because my whole family is always talking about laerning stuff like that. Anyway, we got the boat started ok (once my dad found out I had accidentally lipped the "off" switch.), and got under the channel fine with 5 guys on the boat. Usually we only have less than an inch of clearance, but this time we had almost 3. We had to tak it pretty slow anyways.
Seeing as it took me 8 tries to get up last week, I wasn't expecting much from myself this week, but it was rather dissapointing when I didn't get up any of my friest three tires. So I let the other guys have a turn, and none of them did any better.
So my dad got in and showed us how to do it.
After that I got up on the frist try, and actually got outside the wake (I had never done that before). Of course, sisnce I got up on the firs try I could act like a pro and pretend I had just not wanted to embarrass the new guys, but that wasn't quite true.
Tim did very well for his first time, and stayed up for quite a bit. Mat and Johnny both did well too.
And I tried a third time and got up on the frist try again, so I think I'm getting the hang of it.

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