My reading list.

I thought I'd publish this list of books I've read in the past few weeks along with a brief sentence about them.

Under Fire, by Colonel Oliver North - A great book about "An American Hero," as he was hailed by the people, this is not a boring documentary of the Iran Contra Scandal, but an intriguing, relatively fast-paced and action filled book about the exploits of a CIA/Marine operative during the Cold War, ending with his abandonement by the administration and subsequent court trial. After reading this, I think he was not to blame. 8/10

The Complete Sherlock Holmes, by Arthur Conan Doyle - One of the greatest fictional detectives, I thoroughly enjoyed every one of the 1200-so pages of this two volume set which contains all the adventures of the famous sleuth. Even though I just read it for the third time, my interest never flagged. Each of the cases is so unique and grotesque that it never becomes repetitive, and the details and characters are very engaging. 10/10

It Doesn't Take a Hero, by General H. Norman Swarzkoff - A detailed auto-biography of the famed commander of Gulf War I. An in-depth look at Army life and culture that will prove interesting to anyone interesting in military history.
Note: It's hard not to envy him when he talks about how he made out with his Italian girlfriend at night in the colussieum when he was 17. ;) 8/10

Every Second Counts, by Lance Armstrong - A good book by a great athlete. It chronicles his life and Tour history since the time he wrote his first book, and gives some very good lessons he's learned from his life. However, I can't say he is a great man, because he did divorce his wife and abandon his family because of his cycling obsession. 7/10

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