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Catholicism, Science, Religion, Newton, and Colbert!

"Particles of bodies are attracted in proportion to their mass."
Ah, memories of Junior Lab. :D

Fallen Angel - Pilot Protects Downed Helicopter

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Democrats attempt to end Secret Ballots
I really don't see what kindof argument can be made for this, other than "it helps the unions coerce people to join." Secret ballots have been recognized for quite some time as the best way to honesty get people's opinion, and the standard of democracy is lowered when they are not used, because people are more easily pressured to vote or sign one way or another. So why do the unions have trouble with people actually voting for what they think should be done? Because they wouldn't be able to force more people to pay their union dues to support political candidates?

I've Got a Crush on Fred Thompson's Politics

Dig the politics. The music...not so much.
Hat tip to The Jawa Report

A Wonderful and Generous Idea

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