Going on vacation in the Northwoods is fun, because you get exciting local news like this:
Double Drive-by Shooting! ...of two cows.

Weekly Police Blotter: 4 deer hit, 1 bear.

Deer Hunt within City Limits Approved
"As well as thinning the herd within the city limits, twenty deer from the 2006 hunt went to the food pantry. Over 1,170 pounds of venison was distributed to the hungry."

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Supertradmom said...

As one who had to eat Russian hot dogs from a food pantry once, venison sounds really good. You have to admit that there is no real meat in southern California. Come to think of it, the Russian hot dogs, and the kosher ones, Hebrew National, were better than any meat I have had here, except for imported "New Zealand lamb". By the way, I have camped in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Are the miles of cranberry bogs still there