We had the Christmas Dance last Saturday, and my muscles are still sore.
But it was alot of fun. Everyone was all dressed up, and the cafeteria was decorated very well by the seniors. However, the real reason I'm still exhausted was the dance-off.
It's been KK season here for the past week, with all sorts of pranks going on (I'll tell more about those later)and an hour before the dance began, I got a note from my KK in my box, stating:
"You must challenge other at the dance to a "dance-off" (think Starsky and Hutch) before midnight in order to get back your timecard and other rewards."

Well, I talked to the prefects, and they didn't much like the idea of a "Starsky and Hutch" (apparently freestyling) dance-off, but they were all cool with a swing-dance-off, so I quickly organized it with some people. I got David Hong (the DJ) to let me have a mike and play “Jump, Jive, and Wail.” Then I asked Dominic Hayden and James Berquist to compete with me, to which they agreed, and went off to choose their partners (Mary Teichert and Colleen McAlister, respectively). Next I found Clay Brockman, John Heilmann, and Mike Grimm (all dance gods) to be judges, set a time, and went off to find my partner, Mary Rose. We practiced for a few dances, and at 10:30 we went up and announced the competition. Dr. Big Bad John Almeida turned the lights on the stage, Dom and James brought Colleen and Mary up, and we began. The song is a fairly fast song already, and Dom and I were double-timing it the whole way. I started off with a few basic moves, basic spin, he goes she goes, around the back spin, and then started doing some fun combos, like princess dip into double spin into pretzel into death drop into he goes she goes knee variation and finally into a double Sockey twist, or pretzel into piano rolls into complete flip. I had just done the flip and then a princess carry when John Heilmann came over and said that we still weren’t allowed to do arials till after midnight. ( I guess Dom had done one as well). After that it was a lot trickier, beause I couldn’t just do anything which came to mind (most of my favorite moves are arials, because they look really cool), so I couldn’t do the float, backflip, lamppost, hip, cherrybomb, or backroll. However, I could, and did, perform the crossover, inverse twist, Nicholai dip, Clay spin, washing machine, tabletop, spin kick, and several others. Then it was over and Mary Rose collapsed. It was quite fun though, and we all enjoyed it. The judges finally decided that it came down to Dom and me, because while I had more moves and more consistency, he was more on the beat, but they decided to give it to me because they wanted me to get my timecard back. :D
Which I did.
Afterwards my KK came up to me, and it turned out to be Ariel White. We talked about it for awhile, and I thanked her for all the fun she had provided (in addition to the candy and Santa Claus hat which she gave me afterwards).
The dance went till about 3, and Mary Rose, Kitty, and I stayed the whole time, dancing the night away.

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