Today was a pretty nice day. I worked for my grandfather from 8-4 today, after having a nice 10-mile bike ride there today. Only the bike ride was only kind of nice, because for the first time in years I was passed by a guy on a trail. He had one of those $3000 bikes with the ultra-light helmet and body-suit, so I didn't feel that bad because I was on my mountain bike with a loose rear axle, no rear brakes, bad front brakes, and a shifted derailluer. I should get it fixed sometime soon, but it might be cheaper just to buy a new one. I depends if I can earn enough from my grandfather to get a new laptop and a new bike, and maybe pay for a trip to Wichita.
Anyway, it's pretty nice working at their house, because I get to work alone and think about htings, mainly personal events in my life, which I refrain from putting in my blog. Today I did alot of cleaning: floors, baseboards, windows, doors, cupboards, because they're having a big dinner party tomorrow.

Anyway, after working there all day, me and my grandmother (Annagram) and grandfather (Pop) drove up to my unlces house to meet my dad and get Pops boat. We took it out for a little spin on the lake to test it (it went over 30 mph). Then we went back and picked up some skiis so I could go skiing. I hadn't skiied in about 7 years, so I needed to get back in the hang of it. It took 8 tries before I finally got up (I got up after i remember to pray a Hail Mary), but once I was up I stayed up for 2 times around the lake, which was very fun. However, after I was one my dad went out there. He got up the first try of course, and immeadiately started showing off, cutting back and forth, jumping the wake and stuff. then to make it even better he dropped a ski and did it all slalom. I guess he still remembers alot from running his water-ski business in the Dells for a year. But it's pretty cool that my Dad can do that. He's a neat guy.
Anyway, hopefully some of my friends will be able to come put waterskiing with me on Friday. But there won't be any beer then, k guys? :P

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